The Door bell seems to work with sound, but I have no video image appearing.

The wires need to be matched according to their colors. Please check the wiring of the product.
Check your user manual for precise installation guide, or download manual from our website.

How long is your warranty period?

Our warranty period is 1 year after date of purchase.

How do I replace an old videophone with ALT product?

Remove and unwire the old videophone, and replace it with ALT bracket and videophone.
Make sure to note the wire connection of the old videophone before unwiring.

How can I get spare parts for repair?

Please consult your local purchase distributor for additional spare parts.

Is the door camera waterproof?

Most door cameras, as well as ALT door cameras, are weather-proof.
Daily moist or rain does not affect the camera.
If you’re worried about heavy rain, install additional rain shield from your local store.

How do I extend cables from door camera to the monitor?

You can use the following cables; UTP cable [cat.5] or coaxial cable (5c2v).

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